Pointers for the One-Stick Ropes Pouch

There is a picture below showing the recommended attachment points for use on the Tomahawk X saddle. 

1) The best attachment is all the way forward on your right side. 
2) There should only be 2 empty molle between your triglide attachment straps so that the pouch sits at the correct angle. 
3) If not using the Tomahawk X saddle, hold the saddle up and allow the pouch to hang naturally before choosing the spot to attach the anchor cinch cord.
4) The suggested way to store 40ft of 9mm rope in the Legend OSR Pouch 2.0, is to wrap it in a figure 8 and fold in half, squeeze and slightly twist the rope bundle and slide into the mouth of the pouch.
5) If you are using 40ft of 9mm rope, it will slide into the pouch smoother if you store your Safeguard and carabiner in the main pouch under the rope, and the pull-down rope and it’s carabiner in the zippered side pouch.