Saddle Instructions

Instructions for using Legend hunting/tree saddles.

  • When you receive your saddle, adjust the waist belt and leg straps to fit securely. Also inspect to make sure all buckles connect properly. The waist belt is the safety connection of you to your saddle and is to be WORN AT ALL TIMES! The leg straps are also to be worn at all times, as they keep your saddle in it’s proper position.
  • With the bridge fully adjusted to its longest length, grab each side of the waist belt, step through the bridge (so that the saddle is behind you and the bridge is in front of you), and connect the waist buckle until it clicks and is fully engaged.
  • Reach down between your legs and pull up each leg strap and secure each buckle (male) end to its corresponding (female) end.
  • Cinch down the bridge to your waist for the walk in and tuck the remaining loose end of the bridge under your waist belt.
  • When at your chosen tree and while still on the ground, remove your lineman's belt from your left pouch (which must be already securely connected to your left-side lineman's loop), wrap it around the tree and connect it to your right-side lineman's loop using a high-quality climbing rated carabiner. Then adjust the lineman's belt to where there is minimal slack to allow you to climb. NOTE: IT IS THE USER'S RESPONSIBILITY TO PURCHASE A HIGH-QUALITY CLIMBING RATED LINEMAN'S BELT AND CARABINER.
  • While ascending the tree using climbing rated climbing sticks, make sure you keep the lineman's belt above your waist level at all times. DO NOT DISCONNECT YOUR LINEMAN'S BELT UNTIL THE END OF STEP 10 AS INSTRUCTED.
  • Once at hunting height, remove your tree tether from your pouch and connect it to the tree above chest level using the manufacturer's instructions for use. NOTE: IT IS THE USER'S RESPONSIBILITY TO PURCHASE A HIGH-QUALITY SAFETY RATED TREE TETHER AND CARBINER.
  • Once your tree tether is securely connected to the tree above chest level, extend your saddle bridge to your desired length and connect the tree tether to your bridge using a high-quality climbing rated carabiner.
  • Ease down your weight onto the tree tether until it is carrying your full weight and you have checked to make sure all connections are properly connected between the tree tether and the tree, and also the tree tether to your saddle bridge.
  • You can now loosen your lineman's belt. Check again that all connections are secure from your saddle to the tree and then you may remove your lineman's belt and tuck it away in your left pouch until you are ready to descend the tree.

*** To properly descend the tree, re-attach your lineman's belt around the tree, and follow the instructions closely in reverse order. Remember to never ascend or descend the tree without the proper use of the lineman's belt. ***