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The New Legend One-Stick Ropes (OSR) Pouch 2.0

The New Legend One-Stick Ropes (OSR) Pouch 2.0

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The OSR Pouch 2.0 Is the updated One Stick Ropes Pouch and is exclusively designed by Legend Saddle Gear for One-Stickers. It keeps everything you need readily available. The main pocket has a band in the binding to hold the mouth of the pouch open, making it easy to slide your rope in or out. The easy-access side pocket has a zippered opening on the top, right at your fingertips for storing your pull-down rope and its carabiner. We here at LSG store our repel device and its carabiner in the main pouch under the repel rope. The Legend OSR Pouch attaches to your saddle at an angle for a more natural position while using it. It also has an adjustable lower anchor point to keep the pouch tight at your side when walking in or while leaning down to grab your one-stick. Just attach the anchor strap to a lower gear loop or Molle on any saddle. It lines up perfectly with the lower row of Molle on the Tomahawk X saddle as shown in the product photos. There is no other pouch on the market like it!

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